Weight Loss Tips for Women

Believe it or not, losing weight isn’t actually a bone-crunching, life-threatening challenge. You just need to know all of the little things that can help put the weight off, and the self-discipline to put those little things into practice. Anyone can do it – keep yourself in a positive mindset, be focused and you will see the difference creeping in.

Diet Plans are hard to stick to. Gym seems to be a distant dream in a busy schedule. But being simple may do the trick for us if we are consistent. Written below, are a few tips almost all of us know but tend to ignore, running after the complexities, believing them to help us lose weight.

Eat Slowly, Chew Properly

Remember, Mom always telling you to eat slowly. Well, it works in losing weight too. Don’t try to gulp all the food in one go. Chew and enjoy every bite. It takes a while for the brain to sense a full belly. If you adopt this habit you’ll get full with less food.

Brush your teeth

One of the largest contributors to expanding pant sizes are often snacking and binge eating. A big help would be to avoid these. The solution – brush your teeth! Brushing after major meal signals to your body that meal time is over, and you’re less open to eating when your mouth is clean and fresh.

Go for smarter, lighter versions of food

weight loss tips for womenIf you seriously wish to have those extra pounds off you then you should discern among foods and chose what fits best into the idea of a smarter you. You can make choices, such as, if you wish to have french fries then do have them. But baked ones instead of fried. Similarly, you can make certain very healthy changes to your diet turning it into a balanced one. Believe me, it will help you and be fruitful in the long run.

Drink a gallon of water a day!

Perfect Weight Loss Drink is found at your local tap. Yes, drink water and drink a lot of it. Water helps you lose weight. Replace all of those soft drinks and coffees throughout the day with water. You can eliminate many needless calories by doing so. Water flushes toxins and excess waste from your body. It helps you stay active for longer periods of time.
If you still want it to be better drink luke warm water. Have you ever noticed the clear and glowing skin of Chinese, Japanese and Korean people? They take warm water as a beverage after every meal. Consider washing an oily dish with cold water and yet another dish with warm water. That’s the fitness secret of the cousin nations. It could be yours too. Moreover the urges to visit the loo are an additional reason to take a small walk.


Walk while you talk!! When most people think of exercise they imagine push-ups, lunges or any other forms of exercising that is particular of a gym. Place a tread mill in your TV lounge. Chew a gum and walk as you watch your favorite program on TV. It’s a perfect example of multi tasking your body.

Be playful and active

Yes, be active and be happy. Play with the kids at home. Wash the car yourself. Say good bye to the pool guy. Clean the pool yourself. You will save money only spending those extra pounds off you.
Imagine a smart you
It might seem funny or a weirdo. But yes, instead of a chubby you, paint a smarter image of yours in your mind. You’ll be motivated to control and organize your eating habits and life style to achieve the dream figure in your mind.

Eat an elephant one small bite at a time.

Losing weight is a big deal that can be handled by doing several small things that will help you keep the weight off. If you succeed to follow small healthy habits and an active lifestyle you won’t be left in need to worry about spending cumbersome hours at the gym.

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