Incorporating Exercise in Your Daily Life to Lose Weight Without Actually Exercising!

Ideally speaking, dedicating one hour (out of 24!) is a safe time investment when it comes to exercising daily.

But the problem is that people just don’t want to engage in anything physical! It’s as simple as that. They want shortcuts to weight loss and often they complain about how little time they have throughout the day.

So, how can you actually exercise without exercising!

The daily number of calories we burn depend on many factors; these factors include gender, age, body composition, physical activity and even weather!

For a certain individual, the number of calories he/she burns throughout the day is an aggregate of:

1. BMR.
2. No. of Calories burned through exercise.
3. No. of calories burned through additional physical activity.

Lose Weight Without ExerciseBMR is an abbreviation for Basal Metabolic Rate and it is the number of calories an individual would burn in a day if he was to lay down and stay absolutely still throughout the day. To give you a small reference; a person weighing 70 Kgs with an athletic build would have an approximate BMR of 1600. This means that he would burn 1600 Calories, doing absolutely nothing.

Since we are disregarding exercise, the only way we can burn calories is through BMR and random physical activity. So, to boost your random physical activity without exercising, here are some top tips:


  • Always ‘walk and talk’ on the cellphone. Make it a rule, whenever you attend a call on your cell phone, walk around or stroll. A perfect example of multi-tasking for your health!
  • Say NO to escalators and walkalators (Moving walkways), whether they are at the train station or at the mall, use the stairs or use your own leg power.
  • Create time for a little exercise in your lunch break. Dedicate half the time for eating lunch and for the remaining time, go for a quick brisk walk on the sidewalk or out in the garden or through the finance department!
  • Don’t go for a lazy bath in the bath tub, go for a shower instead!
  • Pay attention to your pets. If you have a dog, walk him out; if you have a cat try chasing her or maybe get chased by her! Be inventive, play games with them (Physical of course, not mental!).
  • Make it a rule – If one of your favorite song’s on the TV/Radio, you’ll stand up and dance. It maybe clumsy, it may be fun; but the bottom line is you’re burning a lot of calories.
  • Wash your car on the weekend.
  • Fire the pool boy! Clean the pool yourself.
  • Replace your couch with a treadmill. I know we’re not talking about ‘exercise’ here but rather than sitting down to watch your favorite sitcom, why not walk while you watch it! It’s not exercise; it’s just watching TV in a healthier way!
  •  Be the handyman around the house; try to fix the kitchen sink or the wooden shelf yourself. Save money and stay healthy.
  • Try to go to big departmental stores to shop. You’ll probably have to walk more and push that cart farther. You may also try and go to a store you’re not familiar with. That’ll mean more searching and moving to get your groceries.
  • If it seems plausible and if it applies to you, ride your bike to work twice a week (or more if you get the hang of it).
  • Play with your kids. Play their clumsy games, go in the garden, go for a water fight or try throwing Frisbee. Engage in activities that are fun yet a good source of burning calories without exercising.

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2 Comments to “Incorporating Exercise in Your Daily Life to Lose Weight Without Actually Exercising!”

  1. Doug says:

    Super post.

    Diet is so much more effective for weight loss than excercise in terms of time needed to achieve your goal and effort required.

    I lost 35 lbs without doing any excercise. These tips reallly help.

  2. Gohar says:

    Nutrition is 60% of the game! People don’t realize that.

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