Ideal Body Image and How it Affects Weight Loss

What is an ideal body image?

How does your body image affect how you eat?

There are several factors that play a role in weight loss and having an ideal body image should be at the forefront of your weight loss program.

Having a healthy body image is very crucial to weight loss. Seeing models with their unnatural figures doesn’t help the average person with their body image. Hollywood has made a point of expressing that only stick thin people are attractive.

ideal body image weight lossYet this is far from an ideal body image. Many people enjoy others who have more weight and appear to be healthier. Don’t fall for the hype that Hollywood tries to push on you as acceptable. Just remember Hollywood is all make believe.

Learning to love the body you have can make a huge difference in not just your appearance but in your demeanor. Have you ever noticed some people just have a aura about them that makes them attractive? And yet they aren’t always the best looking people. Now picture yourself and what an ideal body image is for you, not for some airbrushed model on the cover of a magazine.

Accept the flaws of nature and the ones you have created. Start by standing completely nude in front of full-length mirror. Focus on the assets and not the negative things you don’t like about yourself. What are the best parts of your body? It could be a healthy glowing skin. It could be the shape of your legs or arms. It could be your bust. Think about the parts of your body that make you proud.

Learn to wear clothing that show off the parts of your body you are proud of. If you have nice legs, wear shorts, skirts, and dresses that expose those gorgeous legs. If you have nice arms, wear shirts or dresses that show off your assets. Whatever the assets are, use them to improve how you see yourself.

Figure out why you think negatively about your body. What is the root cause? If the root cause of this negative image comes from Hollywood and all these fake looking models, remember those “beautiful people” have most likely had multiple forms of surgery to remove their flaws and imperfections. Not to mention creative picture editing done. Just remember next time your at the grocery store and you see the National Enquirer with all those shots of celebrities and how awful the look.

And the ones that do look good just remember they looked just like you at one point and didn’t like certain features and opted for corrective surgery. In all honest, it’s a cop out. Learning to love your body is the key step in getting that ideal body image and being able to attract others.

Make a plan of action to change the things you do not like about yourself. If you want to lose weight, create a healthy diet and weight loss plan. If you want to tone up your legs, tummies, or arms, make the decision to get into the gym to change the appearance of those areas.

Accept the assets of your body you do like. Value those areas. Learn that you have plenty of reasons to love yourself as it is without changing those areas. Build yourself up mentally and learn to admire certain aspects of your body. Stop cutting yourself down when you have other things about you that are wonderful.

Do not make any changes to your body you do not want to do. Do not let someone tell you that you need to change how you look if you are happy with you. Whoever is telling the negative things is the one with the problem; it is not you.

Learn to appreciate yourself and you will soon realize that you are worth more than you have given yourself credit. Take the time to learn to love yourself and change your life forever. That ideal body image has nothing to do with others but it has everything to do with how you see yourself.

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