How to Stop Binge Eating

Many of you will find yourself binge eating when stress or depression knocks at your door. People get addicted to binge eating for reasons such as boredom, stress, depression or lack of self confidence. It can make people steal away from everyone’s eye and eat in private places in severe cases. However, it still points to the same reasons as stated above but with greater intensity. Here are some useful tips focusing on how to stop binge eating.

Stress management.
You should adopt alternate ways to deal with stress. It could be as simple as talking to a good friend or as profound as Yoga Meditation. Instead of lying in front of the TV, adopt a hobby to keep yourself busy. Gardening, painting anything that you like doing will work. The key is to find some healthy way out of your tensions so that you do not fall a prey to emotional distress causing you to eat needlessly.

Eat 6 small meals a day at regular intervals
Instead of having 3 large meals a day, try having six at regular intervals. If you feel need for snacking, have almonds or apples. This will give you an impact of a full belly. You won’t even have to wait for very long for the next meal to arrive. So your binging need gets satisfied J but with smaller portion of food.

how to stop binge eating

Brush your teeth
Once you have your teeth brushed, you won’t feel like eating again as your mouth feels clean. You can get into the habit of brushing twice a day at least if not after every meal.

Flee from temptation
The old saying ‘out of sight out of mind’ fits here. Tempting food that is fattening should be cleared out and replaced by healthy alternatives such as almonds, apples and vegetables i.e. fruits and vegetables of all color .The color may lure you to start binging again but it won’t be as bad as binging with ice creams and burgers.

Eat sensibly
Distinguish between physical and emotional hunger. Try to analyze if it’s your stomach that’s growling for food or the inner child in you is up to a tantrum.

Forget you are on a diet
Dieting is hard. At one time you may stop yourself from eating but the very next time emotional hunger pangs make you sin with food again. Reaffirm yourself that you are not dieting. Instead of dieting you should or you have start/ed eating healthy food but in a controlled manner.

Exercise pumps up your endorphins (brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters) that make you feel less irritated and depressed. Where stress can cause sleeplessness exercise can improve your sleep and give you a sense of command over your body and your life. Looking smart and fit will help you stop binge eating.

Be realistic
If trying to lose weight is whats making you binge over food , then understand one thing that ‘Losing weight is hard’.Dont try quick ways to lose weight like too hard an exercise or too strict a diet. If you do so you will crash into binge eating. Instead develop healthy life style that will give you long lasting health and fitness. Binge eating is a psychiatric disorder. It damages the way someone might look by extra weight gain and even cause emotional and psychological guilt. Remember binge eating is a symptom only where as the main cause is stress. Deal with the problem first and you will be able to stop binge eating too.


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