How to not Eat

How not to eat! Seems like a desperate statement doesn’t it? But desperate time calls for desperate measures! You can’t keep your hands off the refrigerator can you? Do you have trouble controlling yourself when you see something sweet with a cherry topping? Do you suffer from a ravenous appetite at particular times of the day? Do you sometimes feel like eating just for the heck of it and without actually feeling hungry? Do you have a sedentary lifestyle with no physical exercise? Is your best excuse for not working out ‘I feel too tired’? If you answered yes to some or all of these questions then you are probably a compulsive eater who is eating his/her way towards Obesity!

The fault isn’t entirely yours. The problem is with the society we live in! Everywhere we look there’s food! From departmental stores to vending machines to small cafes, everyone seems to be either eating or serving food. For some of us, this becomes too overwhelming as there is a constant temptation in the back of our mind urging us to ‘try something new’. But the bigger concern is that most of this food isn’t healthy. It’s processed, Caloric dense, topped with artificial ingredients and additives that our body just can’t put up with. So, how do we stop this madness? How do we stop eating?!
how to not eat
The answer is simple. If you’re the kind of a person who’s constantly eating or feeling hungry, you need to draw a line. First, the daily amount of Calories your body needs is like cash in hand. Think of it as cash with which you buy Satiety. The feeling of fullness is usually directly related to the raw volume of food we eat. So in simple terms, if you want to consume fewer calories but actually eat more, you need to go with foods that are low in Calories but high in volume. With the cash in hand you should buy something that costs very little but has the most satiety. Makes sense? Read on! If you’re feeling hungry and you go for a piece of cake, you’re spending way too much on something with very low Satiety. But instead, if you go for a whole bowl of fresh vegetable salad topped with fresh fruits, you’ll bee consuming fewer calories but a high volume of food which will keep you satisfied for longer.

I’m sorry but we have to discuss exercise to say the least, but not with the perspective of weight loss. Exercise is also a hunger killer. Have you ever felt like eating a buffet after you’ve run a 5K circuit? I don’t think so. Your body and mind is too busy fighting the strain and fatigue experienced during the run. It’ll be safe to say that the run serves as a mind diversion as well as a reconfiguration tool of your body’s energy reserves. During this reconfiguration, your body doesn’t really feel like having more energy since it is swamped with meeting the supply demand balance of your body.

Let’s talk about the brain for a while. It is a culprit as well in the world of vulgar eating! How can we send in confusing signals that can tell our brain that we’ve eaten enough? One idea would be to get a smaller plate for your meals. A smaller, fuller plate seems more filling to our brain than a half-full large plate. Also, when you get up to get a second or third serving, a signal is send to your brain which translates into something like ‘You’ve eaten 3 plates of pasta! Stop eating!’. Another idea would be to get a smaller spoon/fork so that you take your time to finish what you eat. This way you eat slowly, giving time to your body to actually register what you’re eating.

 ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. The statement may seem perfect to explain your Ex but it also applies to food. To stops eating unhealthy, processed snacks/food, get rid of it completely. Don’t keep such things in your kitchen cabinets, fridge, and drawers and if you still feel like snacking, switch to healthier alternatives such as fruits, nuts, air-popped popcorns or dried fruit. Doing so will actually ensure that you stop eating fattening foods altogether!

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