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Metabolism and weight loss

metabolism and weight loss
Metabolism and weight loss, what exactly is the connection between the two? We often here these two terms together in a sentence but more than often, the term metabolism is incorrectly used. The most common phrase I hear about metabolism is this: ‘I can’t seem to lose any weight because

Can you do Yoga for weight loss?

Can you do Yoga for weight loss
I am often inquired about the credibility of Yoga as an effective weight loss tool. The question most often asked is ‘Can you do Yoga for weight loss’? It really depends on what type of Yoga you’re doing. If you’re doing introductory breathing exercises for 20 minutes daily, that isn’t

Top Picks for Body Fat Monitor Scales

body fat monitor
Trying to Lose Fat? Then you need a scale that tells you more than just weight. Does your scale tell you your body fat percentage? Well now it can. I went through and checked out a bunch of body fat monitor scales and was amazed at how far they’ve come

How to Burn More Calories with Interval Training

Do you want to take your fat burning to the next level? Have you hit a rut losing those last few pounds? So why are you killing yourself by doing more of the same boring cardio? I am going to show you how you can take fat burning to the

How To Read Food Labels

How to Read a Food Label
The following is a guide on how to read food labels. I have broken the common items you see on food labels and added descriptions to better explain what they mean.

Calculate How Many Calories You Burn – BMR

BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate In order to determine how many calories to cut from your diet you first need to know what your baseline calorie burning rate is. This is where your BMR comes in. The BMR calculator will calculate how many calories you typically burn in a day based