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How to Start a Weight Loss Routine and Stick to it

How to start a weight loss routine and stick to it
Can’t start a weight loss routine and stick to it long enough? Never started with fitness program and you think it’s too late? This article is intended for people who have never worked out in their life (Or haven’t stayed on a weight loss routine for long enough). First things

Metabolism and weight loss

metabolism and weight loss
Metabolism and weight loss, what exactly is the connection between the two? We often here these two terms together in a sentence but more than often, the term metabolism is incorrectly used. The most common phrase I hear about metabolism is this: ‘I can’t seem to lose any weight because

AM Workout vs. PM workout for weight loss?

AM Workout vs. PM workout for weight loss
AM workout vs. PM workout – Who wins it? This is another dilemma question asked by many people. Exercise brings out the best excuses out of people. Some can’t workout because ‘they’re not a morning person’ but as it turns out, these people aren’t an evening person either! So, to

Is muscle mass advantageous for women?

Is muscle mass advantageous for women
Is muscle mass good or bad for women? There are many misconception that are prevalent in the world of fitness these days. They vary from being ‘potentially plausible’ to being ‘absolutely bonkers’. Many of these misconception are related to women’s fitness. One such misconception is related to lean muscle mass.

How to Exercise with a Busy Schedule

How to exercise with a busy schedule
How to exercise with a busy schedule – The million dollar question! Everyone tells you a different story – Infomercials tell you to buy something outrageously expensive and useless, the food & supplement industry tells you not to exercise at all and buy some magic pills (Something similar to the

Running for Weight Loss

running for weight loss
Of all the physical activities people try for weight loss, running is the one that is most commonly opted by most people. Coincidently, running for weight loss happens to be one of the toughest thing to do if you’re a rookie! If you’re a physical inactive person and you have

Heart Rate for Fat Burning

heart rate for fat burning
Your body has plenty of options when it comes to fuel reserves. It can burn off Carbohydrates, Fats and even Proteins, as fuel, and provide with that energy that enables you to perform various activities. Your body’s choice of reserve depends on the severity of the activity you’re performing. For

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

what is the best way to lose weight
“What is the best way to lose weight?” is the burning question on the minds of millions who choose to lose those extra few pounds as their New Year’s resolution. We’d all like to look slimmer and healthier. It’s a self-survival instinct built into our DNA. The advantages of staying