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How Effective are Soup Diets for Losing Weight

How effective are soup diets for losing weight
Have you ever wondered, how effective are soup diets for losing weight? Soup diets take off from a commonly known myth which says that drinking glass of water prior to your meal will make you feel fuller for longer, after you’ve had your meal. Well, there isn’t much truth behind

Metabolism and weight loss

metabolism and weight loss
Metabolism and weight loss, what exactly is the connection between the two? We often here these two terms together in a sentence but more than often, the term metabolism is incorrectly used. The most common phrase I hear about metabolism is this: ‘I can’t seem to lose any weight because

High Protein Diets for Weight Loss

High protein Diets for weight loss
Recent trends in weight loss routines include high protein diets for weight loss. The basic idea behind all these diets is to keep your protein intake high while decreasing your intake of carbohydrates. This creates a deficit of calories in your body and the idea is to prompt the body

Diets for Quick Weight Loss

Diets for Quick Weight Loss
Diets for quick weight loss – These diets may not be the most effective or the healthiest ones but they can give you a good head start on your weight loss program. Again, the diets or eating patterns I’ll be reviewing are mostly those that shouldn’t be considered for more

Best Diet to Lose Weight

Best Diet to Lose Weight
There are many quick fixes available in the market these days and usually they are labeled as the best diet to lose weight. These diets will help you in the short term; they my even help you lose a few pounds quickly but once you are off the diet, you

Diet Plans for Women

Diet plans for women
There are many diet plans for women available on the internet these days. Some of these diet plans are taking the women population by storm! They reason for popularity of a diet plan may not be its effectiveness; sometimes it’s more about how ridiculously weird the diet plan is! I’m

How to Stop Eating Foods That Make You Fat

how to stop eating foods that make you fat
If it comes to listing the foods that make you fat, junk and sugary food being the most infamous should be on top of the list. In fact the question, how to stop eating foods that make you fat? , should be replaced with, how to stop eating junk and

Fat Burning Foods for Women

fat burning food for women
The life of a woman is so jam-packed with work at office or at home with kids or in the kitchen. You aren’t left with any time of our own and gain fat on your belly and all around. It’s high time for you to get back into shape again